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Time for a Vintage Cleanse

Posted by Ben Crudo on

(Lunch:day 6)

Everything is better when its older. Clothing, music, movies...even diets. Thats why, with morale and productivity hitting new lows in the Frank office, we looked to the past for a source of inspiration. Let us introduce you then, to the 1985 General Motors diet... This vintage plan was devised by a crack team of dietitians and doctors under generous funding from General Motors. The GM diet was made to provide the ULTIMATE cleansing and reinvigorating experience for employees. It was said that the diet was so successful, that after 7 days GM employees shed between 11-17lb in body mass and likened the experience to an evangelical awakening. Many hold the GM diet's success to the way it breaks down food groups to give you the perfect balance over a week: day 1  - All fruit day 2 - all vegetables day 3 - A mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. no potatos. no bananas day 4 - Bananas and milk day 5 - beef and 6 tomatoes day 6 - unlimited amount of beef and vegetables day 7 - brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables

On the back of the Gm plan, we're are expecting at least a  100% surge in productivity, which will reveal once and for all that vintage rulezzz.

The cleanse begins monday with ALL YOU CAN EAT fruit!

If you think you can hack it, join in.

Check back to see updates on our success!

PPS. It is our one year anniversary party this weekend so we may have to  cheat a tiny bit on the not drinking part. but thats all!

∞∞∞ PARTY PARTY ∞∞  July 24

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