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Pre-Graded Vintage


F AS IN FRANK offers pre-graded vintage commodities shipped directly to your shop or business location. Our wholesale line consists of the most popular items based on current fashion trends: classic, timeless vintage items with proven sales success rates. (Please excuse our outdated images below and please note - some items on the order form are not shown below. For the most up to date list refer to order form below.)
All grades we ship are of the highest quality and are free of any rips, holes or stains unless otherwise requested. F AS IN FRANK is also happy to accommodate the buyer who wishes to mix contemporary clothing items in with their vintage order. If you are interested in finding certain vintage items that are not in our line, chances are we have it or can source it for you. No request is unreasonable. We are also offering wholesale vintage skype appointments where you can choose your own items. Call us to make an appointment. 1- (604) 568-6410
F AS IN FRANK works hard to accommodate all requests, no matter how crazy or bizarre you think it might be! We are completely dedicated to your satisfaction. Prices may vary for more specific requests, please contact us for further pricing information, or download the order form below.



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