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Christmas is a great time of the year for a ho-ho-home invasions! So im a get mine the fast way! after breaking on in to an east vancouver mansion a quick look around and this score looks sweet! Whoa dude, i'm pretty drunk! Fresh home baked cookies and malt liquor?, Must be friday at the warehouse. Just what i need so as I wont lose my buzz! Fortie oz fridays are ledgendary!, but on christmas eve? Santas about to while out up in this bitch! This how we do it up on a frank christmas eve! Jelly kooks can suck the yule log! This is for all my homies that aint with me! I gotta pee. Peep all that dope ass gear! That's the type of stuff the kids lose sleep over!, keep em lookin fresh all year long! So i guess they busted me. now i gotta play poker for my freedom or else they're gonna douse me in rum and light me on fire!  This is a crazy job i do! They look a little pissed, I need another swill! Theres alot at steak  here , mad rare snapback hats in the pile. Mom wasn't into throwin the baby on the table, too bad!, he would make a good elf :( Can't knock the hustle! Not a bad haul. Gotta gas up the sled and get some more sauce! Keep the loot flowin! christmas is the season for giving! I was pretty sure they were dealin a loaded deck, perhaps they're really loaded and i can sneak back up the chimney befor they burn me horribly beyond recognition. I guess i'll leave all that stuff i brought! (i was gonna anyway;) oh well, you win some, you lose some i guess. Merry Christmas. Somebody call me a cab!...... haha you think you're pretty funny? Seriously call a taxi for me. Commentary by Pete Hesh, Pictures by Becky Philpott, check her blog,


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