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Whats in the Crate? Eric B & Rakim, Paid in full!

Posted by Ben Crudo on

I dug deep in the crate for this gem. Paid in Full  dropped in 1987. Eric b & Rakim recorded this album in Marly Marl's home studio in NYC. This was the first album from these guys and at the time made waves through the Hip Hop industry. Eric B blew minds with his use of samples and Rakim was killin the game lyrically. This album played a huge part in deciding the direction Hip Hop would go from then on. Rolling Stone put this album on the top 500 greatest albums of all time.  This is one of those albums that most of us can spit the lyrics front to back. Check out this album cover, both decked out in full Gucci track suits, dookie chains and mad bling. Eric B is rockin the three finger ringer with his name on it, Louis Eric Barrier, and a gold Mercedes ring.  Whats with the 20$ bills though?. Check the back cover, there is a cheque signed by Ronald Reagan, what the? Back in August Rakim played a show in Vancouver and I was lucky enough to go check it out. Straight blast from the past, he played all the dope jams. The club was packed  and everyone was stoked just to get the chance to see Rakim live.

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