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Frank Warehouse Killin it St Patrick Style

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Just a regular day at the Frank warehouse. But seeing as it's St Paddy's day, we thought we'd make the day a little bit festive... Ebay workhorse, Mike Steel hangs t-shirts... Torontonian visitor, Mario dropped by to grab some snaps...and ganked one of our 40's. Seasoned shipper Jimbo  "Justin Crates" Hay packed up hats... while drooling on a 40. Switchboard operator John was on hold with Canada Post... while he suckled on a 40. Office dogsbody Becky (the only real Irish person in the warehouse)  played with a mannequin... and took a bite out of a 40. Uncle Jesse scoured the web for his next snapback lead... and savored the flavor of a 40. Oh and  Supreme sent their best scouts to raid the Frank warehouse for inspiration ... but we already ran out of 40's.

We hope all of you take a leaf out of our book and spend the rest of the day drinking 40's!!!!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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