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New TI$A gear in the 416

Posted by Ben Crudo on

New TI$A hoodies, crewnecks, and tee's have arrived! Call now and reserve your TI$A gear. We ship worldwide! 647-341-6606 or email

Gray TI$A bear crewneck $130

Red TI$A bear zip up hoodie $160

Black TI$A tee $80

Black TI$A bear zip up hoodie $160

White TI$A tee $80

White TI$A crewneck $130

White TI$A hoodie $160

White TI$A bear tee $80

White TI$A bear crewneck $130

Gray TI$A bear crewnwck $130

Gray TI$A bear tee $80

Black TI$A bear crewneck $130

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