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We love our vintage denim, our absolute favourite is the Wrangler pieces from the Peter Max collaboration. Peter Max is a German-born Jewish American illustrator and graphic artist, known for his use of psychedelic shapes and color palettes as well as the vivid artwork he produced for the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine in 1968. Peter Max was also known for his artwork for 7up with the “Uncola” campaign. The 70′s Wrangler collaboration produced some amazing, high color denim shorts, jackets and flares incorporating print, pattern and psychedelic art all in amazing fabric-blocked designs. The waist measures at 28” and sit on the hip (not natural waist). The inseam is 1.5” and is 11” long. This piece is super rare. In all of our days of picking, we've never come across any piece from the peter max collection! If you’re interested, send us an offer at
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