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The Vintage Cleanse Verdict

Posted by Ben Crudo on

There's been a lot of skeptics out there over the General Motors 1985 cleanse diet the frank office took up last week. "oh that milk doesn't even have almonds in it, there's no way that can cleanse you..." "a baked potato for breakfast thats just stupid..." "that soup has salt in it, thats the worse thing for you ever..." But screw the haters, the GM diet works wonders - and thats why its outlived two whole decades. In the space of just 5 working days frankers lost up to 3kg - a whopping 6.6lb. The office was left refreshed and feeling good about the condition of their bodies, and come monday, there should be a real injection of energy in the work place. Its easy to knock the GM cleanse; its a mad sounding diet. And sure, you'll probably end up going to bed early to fend off the hunger and start craving raw, bloody meat by day four, but look at it like a sweet vintage tee; it may have a hole or two but its old - its not going to look new and perfect - thats the whole charm of it. Its different, one of a kind and its great. In summary - once again vintage comes up trumps.

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