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The Frank Vault Deals in DEATH

Posted by Ben Crudo on

F as in Frank's super exclusive one-of-a-kind range THE VAULT has a worthy new addition.

This 60s Wrangler denim jacket was decorated with artist FRANK Frazetta's legendary "Death Dealer."

Frank Frazetta was an american fantasy and science fiction artist, and Death Dealer is one of his most noted works. It's this super nutty fantasy painting that he painted in 1973 and it depicts this super scary armor-clad warrior dude with a freaky horned helmet on a horse holding a bloody axe and shield.  YIKES! this painting was even used as the cover of Molly Hatchet's first album cover in 1978. Neato eh? Frank Frazetta is not only super rad cause he was good with a paint brush, he's also rad cause his name is FRANK! DUH.

While we at Frank cannot confirm that this is the original Death Dealer piece, we can nevertheless confirm that this jacket is totally wicked.

Check out the Frank Vault for more one of a kind pieces.

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