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FAIF T-shirt Design Contest Voting

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Over the last 6 weeks we have been accepting submissions for the FAIF t-shirt design contest. It is now time to vote for you're  favorite. The winner will win a $200 gift certificate and one of their shirts which will be printed in a limited run. Cast your vote at the bottom of this post. Graphic #1 Nintendo Gun. This one comes to us from Sal Barragan of California. Not sure if the miss-spelling of Nitendo on the gun was intentional? Nice work Sal. Graphic #2 Miami Vice inspired Graphic #3 Have FAIF, by Jacket Comer of Vancouver, BC. Graphic #4 F AS IN FRANK Crest, by Simon C. Graphic # 5 F AS IN FRANK Baby, by Hella, notice the hands are signing the international symbol for F. Graphic #6, Late entry, Fuck Off Bird from Melody Carifelle [polldaddy poll=6060228] [polldaddy poll=6063508]

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