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Posted by Ben Crudo on

F AS IN FRANK is continuously buying clothing from you, our devoted customers. The Process Bag up all your old vintage clothing and bring them down to the shop. If you do not live in Vancouver then you are welcome to email us pictures of your items to and we can work out payment through paypal. We will look over what you have brought in and pay you cash.  If you decide to go with store credit, you will receive 20% more than taking your payment in cash. The Rules We only accept clothing dating earlier than 1995 unless you have snapbacks, sports gear or designer clothing.   Please do not bring us modern clothing. Please do not bring us damaged clothing. We do make exceptions for rare and unusual pieces. If our buyer is not in, you may have to leave your items for us to look over and return later for your payment. We are currently looking for all vintage items especially the more rare and hard to find. This includes all items we currently sell in the shops and online. We also will pay top dollar for rare and collectable vintage clothing dating back as early as the 1900's including denim, work wear, levis, leather and motorcycle fashions, rock t-shirts, hunting and heritage brands, etc. If you have question please ask! We are also looking for leads on deadstock vintage snapback or sports gear digs. We are happy to pay cash or commission for leads. Questions about selling at our Vancouver location email or call 1-604-568-5130. To contact us from outside Vancouver email

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