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Happy Belated Aboriginal Day!

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Yesterday we celebrated summer and the birth of Photo Will (pix to come) with a Proof liquor and PBR soaked party at the shop. Yesterday was also National Aboriginal Day in Canada, so to honour that, Tashina (aka Tish), our resident Metis staff member sports some of our great Native-inspired vintage and SNAP pieces.

Wildlife motifs, tribal screen prints, and navajo Polly Pockets are some of our must haves this summer! And although it's a lil hot for a sweater, this unisex piece has just the right amount of cheeky cheese factor.

But why stop at clothes? You can show your permanent appreciation for Native culture with some not-so-Indian ink like FAIF pal Katiya:

Tanks and shorts all one of a kind pieces from SNAP ($34-$42), vintage sweater $32.

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