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Rag Kings Champion Jerseys Dropping 08/02

Posted by Ben Crudo on

In this limited edition release from F as in Frank we are paying homage to the most quintessential NBA top of all times, the champion jersey of the 90's. Champion Products, hailing from Rochester NY, started producing basketball jerseys for the NBA in the late 80's along side other notable brands such as Sand Knit and Rawlings. In the 1991 / 1992 NBA season, Champion was granted exclusive licencing rights to produce uniforms for all NBA teams. This deal lasted until the 1997 / 1998 season when Nike began producing uniforms for certain teams. The 90's were some of the most iconic and remarkable years in the NBA history which helped to cement the Champion brand as a household name in the professional athletic apparel industry. These iconic jersey were not only worn by players but also by the general public. Champion was really the first brand to offer replica NBA jerseys at a large scale to the general public. This made the NBA jersey accessible to kids and adults across the world which, in turn, allowed the NBA jersey to become a fashion staple with urban and sub urban youth and young adults. The NBA jersey was quickly adopted by hip hop and black culture as superstar athletes like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson shot to celebrity stardom. We have sourced blank Champion NBA jerseys for the past 12 month and printed them with our FAIF cookie logo. The back graphic is inspired by our vintage club, The Rag Kings, which was started by Landlord Morrison in 2007. The Rag Kings are a group of like-minded individuals who are obsessed with vintage clothing and rag picking. The number 67 on the back represents the year (1967) that the Heifetz family entered the vintage clothing industry. This very limited jersey will only be available until they are sold out. We have produced 60 pieces using various blank NBA jerseys, so many of these are one of a kind. Thank you for supporting F as in Frank and we hope to continue to bring you unique vintage inspired garments for many years to come. Click here to purchase or visit your local neighborhood FAIF location.

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