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Those were the days…

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Remember when there use to be such a thing as a Super Model? A person with the word SUPER in their career title, Super Model...... imagine?
Now adays super is not in any title, i don't know any Super Servers, Super Artists or any Super Models anymore, that time has past. Super Models were women so breath taking that modeling was the only thing they ever had to do.
Remember the "Big Six," Claudia, Cindy, Kate, Linda, Naomi and Christy. They were AMAZING.
Now actresses have taken the job of actress, model, endorser, everything and no longer does the term Super Model even exist.
But out generation will always remember the time of the Super Model.
When Cindy Crawford was a household name.
And her signature mole was a thing to be desired, not removed.
I miss these days.
And Kate and Johnny as a couple.

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