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Flavor Flav was born William Jonathan Drayton Jr on March 16th 1959.
Flavor Flav is an Amercian rapper, television star and member of Public Enemy. He is also known for popularising the role of the 'hype man' and for yelling 'Yeah Boy!' and 'Flavor Flav!' during performances and always keeping us informed on what time it is!
Flavor Flav stood out with his boisterous attitude and over sized clocks making him one of the Kings of Hip Hop.
Most recently Flav has been known for being a reality television star with his own show, Flavor Of Love, which followed his quest to find the perfect woman.
Flavour Flav is more than a little quirky, with his distinctive apparel and heavily grilled gold teeth, we like him, he's cool so Happy Birthday Flav... "Flavour Flav!!"

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