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Hey Mickey you’re so fine..

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Mickey Tank $16

Mickey reversible zip up $60

Mickey Tee $30

Mickey & Minnie Sweater $36

Minnie Tee $24

Today at Frank we wana talk to you about Walt Disney and our old friend Mickey.

Walt Disney and his world famous funny and quirky cartoon characters have played an influential role over the decades in pop culture, they have infiltrated many aspects of our society, including; television, cinema, art, theme parks and of course fashion!

Mickey Mouse is the official mascot of the Walt Disney company, his image has been branded on everything from lollipops to beach resorts.

Today at Frank we are celebrating Mickey and his iconic influence on fashion, we have so many Mickey and friends threads from tanks to tee's to awesome 80's sweaters.

Celebs are also rocking the Disney style, such as the gorgeous Jamaican singer Rihanna and you can too, just come into F As In Frank and check em' out!

Mickey Mouse debut episode, Steam Boat Willie, Circa 1928.

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