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Use Less Energy, Light up with LED!

Posted by Ben Crudo on

So here at Frank we're taking the plunge and switching to ALL LED!!! Did you know that switching from normal Halogen to LED could save you're energy bill and the environment dramatically. Each bulb has a 3 year warranty! It would take 22 halogen bulbs to last 3 years. CRAZY!!!

So sorry Hal, you're out

And welcome home Leddie!

Also, BC Hydro is having an amazing rebate offer right now if you're company is planning on doing the same. Even though we like to rock the old style we like to take on the new when it comes to our beautiful Mother Earth. Thanks Momma, we love you.

Check out the rebate system and our LED hook up below! 

BC Hydro Rebates

Your local LED hook-up!

Save the world with us one bulb at a time : )

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