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CRUSH OF THE WEEK: Micheal Schoeffling, just look at the pictures and you will know what I am talkin’ bout.

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Michael Shoeffling, the name may not ring a bell but the pictures sure do. What a classic, classic babe. I kinda don't really have too much to say, but he is def. yummy. I always fall for a preppy boy, can't help it. I bet he would even be mad cute and handsome with a beard. Preppy boys with big beards- OMG heart forever.

I like to dress thematically sometimes, I wonder if my BF (boyfriend) would be into dressing Michael Shoeffling-ness one day . I already have the outfit picked out. Vintage Ralph Lauren button up paired with vintage Levis. All thanks to the Store, "thanks F As In Frank" .

xoxo forever

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