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out to sea

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Sometimes people tell me I seem like I am out to lunch, I kinda wish they would say "you seem out to sea".

Cause I would rather be on a boat enjoying the quiet, the tranquil sea,  the breeze,  the possibility of running into sea horses, that just seem so much better than boring old lunch.

And then I could dress nautical when ever I am having an out to sea spaced out day.

In the shop we have lots of nautical' esque clothes.

We even have a jacket that shows how to tie nautical knots, which could definitely come in handy when actually at sea.

I heart how classic and clean nautical inspired outfits look.

The white Zig Zag shoes are a perfect "boat shoe" as well as looking so cute on a boy. How cute is this not real outfit couple.



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