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American Eagle Stops By Frank

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Like anyone else with a working brain, American Eagle Outfitters know that clothing is best when its full of history and character. That's why Eagle-eyed big wigs at AE HQ have identified Frank's culture-rich warehouse stockpile as their next source of inspiration. Established back in '77 American Eagle have grown to specialize in faux vintage gear, from hole ridden slacks, to frayed, patched up shirts. And, to help inspire hot new lines, AE HQ will be raiding the frank vault next week; researching how old shirts used to fit, what they were made of and what little  idiosyncrasies make them so special. Frank - continuing to make the world more vintage... If you aren't sold on lived-in clothing being the best check out a couple things on our eBay store right now: Hole ridden, faded 80s Harley Tee. How a Harley tee should be, nothing clean pressed and shiny for the road: 80s game worn NCAA Harvard football jersey. Still muddy from the pitch and torn from a tough tackle. Check out our eBay store and our e-commerce store for more high end lived-in apparel!

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