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Who we talking about? We talking about our gurl MISHA Q!!!

Posted by Ben Crudo on

MISHA-Q is a name you need to know. This 20 year old female vocalist is blossoming into one of the most promising young artists in the local scene. Misha always felt compelled to explore her creative abilities, and it was at the age of 13 that she discovered her worldly passion for music.

Beginning with cover songs, she expanded her vocal ability to a powerful yet sultry sound. She first fed her hunger for performance with the Victoria High R&B Band, a full Motown cover band. Misha took this opportunity to grow as a solo vocalist and become a leader amongst her band mates. In '06 and '07 Misha performed over 80 shows with the band, rocking the house at numerous local concerts, and touring to Liverpool England, where she performed in the world famous Cavern Club. She left the band on a high note opening the entire show for legendary soul group The Temptations, at the Victoria Royal Theater.

Feeling the need to expand her boundaries, Misha moved across the waters to the city of Vancouver, in April, 2009. Linking up with the influential and respected MC Emotionz and producer Aaron Hamblin of Speechless Beats, Misha has taken her music career away from Motown R&B, and found her own unique creative home in the electro, dub-step community.

In recent times she has truly developed into a beautiful, young artist who has a hunger for success and the determination and ability to attain it. Performing alongside Emotionz, and The Shottas all around B.C.'s various venues has led her to her biggest performance yet at Shambhala 2009. Currently hard at work writing and recording her solo debut, which is yet to be titled, MISHA-Q is building a brand for herself in a city that is in need of young, flourishing, independent female artists. Her impact will be noticed, you will feel her vibe and her love for music will transmit to the hearts and minds of everyone it touches. Expect great things from this young promising artist.

A little info about Mish...

Favorite Movie: Belly, and Blow... i like them gangsta things

Favorite restaurant: Any dope sushi place

Last concert you saw: SHAMBHALA

Last happiness: performing is the most unreal feeling.. its an indescribable happiness

Last sadness: being super broke and not having enough money to pay bills :( :'(

musical inspiration: i love soul music mostest! but my heart is into the DUBBBSTEP! i really wanna incorporate the two and sing some soul over crazy dub. that's where i'm headed

Favorite piece of vintage clothing: my cowichan sweater. its amaaaazing

upcoming shows / events:

Merritt ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN MUSIC FESTIVAL! @ 7am on Sunday! yes... 7 am... i will be bringing the sun out :)

videos to checkout:!/video/video.php?v=416033697018&ref=mf!/video/video.php?v=402781882018&ref=mf!/video/video.php?v=407509187018&ref=mf

checkout her fan page on facebook @!/pages/MISHA-Q/368475831882

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