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Frank Tribe Member #618: SAM DEMOE

Posted by Ben Crudo on

If you've ever been to a club in Vancouver before then this man has probably made you dance.  The king of disco bangers, original mixes and high fives, Sam Demoe is Vancouver's premier wheel spinner.

When Sam is not busy deafening himself in clubs, he's down in our warehouse assisting with online sales.

Sam has been DJing in Vancouver for five years and has played support slots for heavyweights like MSTRKRFT and Felix Cartel. Tonight - weds 8th - sees Sam play host to a F as in Frank sponsored fashion show. If you haven't met Frank's resident DJ yet you should come down, say hi and drool over some of our rad snapbacks on show!


Favorite Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Favorite restaurant: Kadoya Sushi / Sala Thai Last concert you saw: Miike Snow @ Venue. Last happiness: I love playing music that makes people have a good time. The louder & weirder the better. Last sadness: For every up there is a down… I’ve had many ups, so….. musical inspiration: Lots of weird new house and disco. Sound Pelligrino & Riva Starr! I was a backpacking rapper type for many years and my musical tastes were a little limited, which basically means everyday I find some new musical gems and with that the inspiration that follows Favorite piece of vintage clothing: I have SO many new pieces since working for Uncle Frank. I think my favorite pieces right now are my Cincinnati Bengals t-shirt and Pendleton Jean jacket with Navaho Blanket Patch. Any Last Words? Go check out my website for new mixes and interesting things. And come visit me at Shine Nightclub on Saturdays for good times and great music.

When Sam is not giving busy deafening himself in clubs, he's down in our warehouse assisting with online sales.

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