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Ratatat x Bobby Birdman 9/15

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Ratatat may be a little over-loved in this part of the world - touts selling tickets for $80+ ?? - but fair play to them -they do know how to put on a good show.  The hairy Brooklyn pair started a small war at the commodore ballroom wednesday; even somehow managing to get kids crowdsurfing to the chimes of  "shiller." Opening act Bobby Birdman -bar the name - were actually surprisingly fresh. Not much to liken to ratatat other than the fact there's two of them in the band, but they sounded okay n that. This is kinda what they did: There was actually another band called DOM performing second up, but their set wasn't really worth mentioning . Here's a picture of their guitarist standing at the merch stand, fingers clasped tightly round his sharpie, desperately hoping someone will ask him for an autograph. I think one person actually spoke to him in the end, but they just wanted to know where the bathrooms were. Ratatat knocked out all the faves, but the setup was a bit disappointing. Just the two guys hitting hitting play to the backing tracks on itunes then filling in the holes with bass and lead guitar. No looping, mixing or anything like that. Still there were lights in the shape of X's that flashed a bunch and literally loads of smoke.

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