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Get Raw!

Posted by Ben Crudo on

A Denim Art project brought to you by F AS IN FRANK, F as in Frank is looking for artists interested in participating in Get Raw,  art show and fund raiser. Get Raw is an event showcasing transformed denim works of art.  Each artist will be provided a denim jacket of their choice from F as in Frank. You can patch it, stud it, cut it, airbrush it, rework it, paint it, bedazzle it, adorn it, or embroider it. You can do whatever you want to it.  The only rule to this event is that the jacket must be wearable. The show will be held at our shop at 2425 Main St, sometime mid to end of April.  Partial proceeds from this event will be donated to the Portland Hotel Society, a charity to help people recover from addiction and get there life back on track. For more about them click here. If you would like to participate or have questions please email  . 1900-1930’s Denim was mostly used for work and military garb. Soldiers would use there jackets as canvases to tell the stories of their tour of duty or to keep records of the ladies they met going from port to port, pin up style. 1930’s – 1950’s Motorcycle clubs started popping up and they took on denim jackets as part of their uniform with club insignias on the back.  Members would customize their jackets with studs, patches and unique embroidery.  Chain stitching was the method of choice for creating graphics at this time. 1950’s – 1970’s Taking inspiration from the early motorcycle culture the free wheeling hippy culture that sprung up in the 60’s took denim art to a whole new level.  Jeans and jean jackets started to become amazing works of art. Lots of different mediums were used during this time including painting, patch working, and extensive embroidery.  North American youth began speaking their minds through their clothing, rebelling against war and conformity.  Levis held a denim art contest in 1973 to showcase the amazing folk art of the era. 1980’s – the 80’s saw acid washing and bleaching come in to play as well as lots of bright colors and embellishments.  Lots of companies started mass producing wild denim and the bedazzler became available to the public via infomercials. Yeehaaa. If you would like to participate or have questions please email  or stop by the shop to pick up your jacket. The date for this event will be announced once the artist list is finalized in a week or so.  Please share this blog to help us get as many people involved as possible. Use the twitter and facebook buttons below.

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