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Frank film "Drive"

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Check out new film "DRIVE" directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Canadian actor, Ryan Gosling. This movie is sick. Sick as in violent, violent as in rad, rad as in badass. The movie is based on James Sallis' novel with a gushing 80's flow to it from neon pink credits font, to the soundtrack, to Ryan's driver steeze. Ryan Gosling is a stunt car driver who gets himself into a messy situation with L.A.'s most dangerous criminals, mean while falling in love with cutie Carey Mulligan. The filming technique and acting is guaranteed to rise emotion out of it's audience by the unique, blunt contrast of soft but not cheesy romance, vs. exploding, psychotic violence. Scope: Read more after the jump! Scorpion King Swagger Frank loves a vintage sexy satin jacket like this one. Nicolas Winding Refn was jammin' out to KISS song "I was made for loving you" when the 80's satin jacket with the orange scorpion on the back was chosen for Ryan. It fits his bad boy role in the film, the film is sexy, Ryan's sexy. Truth. Drive Soundtrack The film Drive's soundtrack consists of 80's inspired, "neon pop" tracks. They're super catchy and even though the sound has that old vibe to it, it makes the film uniquely modern; ironically. Feel these Drive tracks above. This song probably could of been thrown in the soundtrack as well! Driver will make you wanna be as badass as Ryan, but that is impossible so let's just pretend like these crazy kidz.

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