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Filson Tin Cloth Strapback Hats

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Might as Well Have The Best. Filson is a true Heritage brand that has been producing unparalleled work and hunting clothing since 1897. Prospectors on the gold trail at the turn of the last century would stop of in Seattle to pick up their Filson gear before heading north in hopes of striking it rich. The tin cloth fabric was revolutionary at the time for keeping you safe from the wet and cold conditions of the North West. Since day one the quality and craftsmanship of the Filson brand has never faltered, unlike many other brands of that era.   Still today Filson is manufactured at their small factory in Downtown Seattle. "TO OUR CUSTOMERS: if a man is going North, he should come to us for his outfit, because we have obtained our ideas of what is best to wear in that country from the experience of the man from the North -- not merely one -- but hundreds of them. Our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance. YOU CAN DEPEND ABSOLUTELY UPON OUR GOODS BOTH AS TO MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP." -- C.C. Filson, 1914 Catalog One of Filson greatest accomplishments is the creation of the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket (shown below).  This jacket was first seen in 1914. The warm and durable design became a staple for prospectors and loggers from then on. One of the unique features of the Cruiser is the  full length map pocket that runs along the back of the jacket.  Many companies such as Pioneer, Pendleton, Woods, and Woolrich produced similar jackets to follow suit.  The Filson Cruiser can still be purchased on their website ( if you cant find a nice vintage one. Filson has long been a favorite brand of mine. Living in Vancouver, so close to Seattle, we have always come up on lots of vintage filson gear from tin cloth hunting vests to a chin strap mackinaw wool cruiser from 1918.  I have been lucky enough to hold in my hands some amazing and rare vintage gems that tell the story of this classic brand. Last week on a recent dig trip I came up on some deadstock 90's tin cloth strapbacks. Two unique hunting scenes and one with the classic Filson logo. Both are available in our web shop and at both Vancouver and Toronto Locations. You might even get lucky and find a Cruiser Jacket on the rack! Drew Heifetz,

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