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Moka Only - Martian Xmas 2011

Posted by Ben Crudo on

I recently caught up with Vancouver's own Moka Only and dropped him a few question regarding the end of the world, his new mixed tape and the holidays.
DH: So you have been down with F as in Frank since we first opened up in Whistler back in 2007. What are you all about these days as far as you look is concerned?
MO: Yup..I remember my first trip in there at whistler.. I bought a scarf and a gold chain and t shirt. Still rockin that scarf as of recent times. As far as my own look Ive toned it down somewhat.. the big,baggy clothes are long gone. I rock dark, slim jeans, random tees, in winter I prefer old, wool three quarter length coats, striped scarfs, dark colored knit hats and as for shoes I'm usually into low cut canvas shoes. simple but versatile. In spring ,summer and fall its much the same minus the heavy coat. That would be replaced with crew neck sweaters, windbreakers or dark colored zip hoody. DH: Whats a must do and must not do this holiday season for you? MO: A must do is to make as much music as possible, stay out the rain and just create and also if there are any dry days i take advantage of that and skateboard as often as possible.  My must not do's would be no eating tigers, no Xmas parties, no ocean swimming and no boxing day shopping unless its main street.
DH: You have been dropping these holiday mix tapes for a while now. Whats the story behind them?
MO: The story behind the martian Xmas series is that it was first conceived in the summer of 2004.  I was on a tour with swollen members and we were in a restaurant where you can draw on the paper table cloth. I drew this picture of some weird martian with trees around it.  Madchild said 'it looks like a martian Xmas-- you should make that an album cover'.  I ended up doing just that. Even tho it was the end of summer i started on it. Never used that artwork but i did the project as something to just give to friends. It WAS a concept project the first time around based on an extra terrestrial who visits earth every Xmas to study human behaviour .  Over the years i ditched that concept and it just became 'winter/holiday season theme music'.  Half of it is instrumental in nature and i do some raps in addition to all the beats and music i do. My fave ones are 2008 through to 2011.  All the past martian xmas albums are available on itunes still
DH: Rum and egg nog or hot toddy?
MO: My drink around this season is just coffee, Or coffee with eggnog.   Nice and boring.
DH: Is Nostradamus on point or do you think we will all live to see 2013?
MO: Some of us will definately live through 2013 and beyond. Depends how deeply you take all the theories.  Some people may 'drink the koolaid'..i think everybody should just focus on their work and duties and try to elevate themselves and learn how to communicate better. Learn meditation.
DH: Whats in store for Moka in 2012?
MO: For 2012 I have a new group making its debut. Its me and Bootie Brown from the legendary Pharcyde and together we are called 'the GOOGLENAIRES' .. should be out by summer. Also i will be dropping some mixtapes, mostly instrumental stuff and working on some new music with Swollen Members for their next album. I have another side group project that Ive been doing for awhile with my homiePsy and we are called the Nope. Working with lots of different people including my homie Jeff Spec. Producing a project for him . So much music, so much inspiration. Thank you and much props to the F !   That's where people can find me copping gear.
Drew H,

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