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10 vintage goodies in my SNAP-Pack.

Posted by Ben Crudo on

The Snap-Pack is made entirely from recycled fabrics here at Frank and it's pretty damn cute. We have tons of vintage goodies here to fill your very own Snap-pack! What is in my Snap-Pack today? 1. Vintage sunglasses case. 2. Round vintage deadstock sunglasses. 3. Vintage coin purse. 4. My notebook (gotta get shit done) & Dictionary duhz. 5. Snap cell phone case made from recycled wool blankets. 6. Vintage lipstick. Most likely from the 40's. 7. Vintage silver watch. 8. Vintage card case holder. 9. $4 Apple red nail polish. 10. Van Halen key chain, Marlboro Lights Key chain. All goodies sold here at Frank! Come fill a Snappack with sweet shit!

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