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Today marks the 140th anniversary of Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis filing the patent to put rivets in pants for added strength, thus creating the modern blue jean.

Now if only another bright mind would come along and figure out how to fix crotch blowouts...




The relationship between Strauss and Davis was initially of a buyer/seller nature but evolved into them filing the patent together. So we're drawing  inspiration from these two and flipping the script.  So whether you're sporting a Canadian Tuxedo, overalls, shorts or jeans in general, everybody knows an old pair of loved Levi's feel like fine linens. So count some sheep and keep livin the dream. We bout that Walking Life life!

We are always buying vintage Levi's as well so drop in and let us take a look at you're fine pieces of denim.

140th anniversary HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE JEANS Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis

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