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NBA Gold

Posted by Ben Crudo on

"Are you kidding me?"

“How’d they get so much Rad vintage & fresh NBA sh*t!!!”

Just a couple of the questions you are now asking yourself. If you remember the late 80s & the 90s basketball– you’ll be feeling this NBA business.

Larry Johnson (above) Back Jam Mid Cons – black or white!! Fresh Charlotte Hornets, Knicks, Blazers, Magic, Bulls & a team named the Sonics caps?? Who are they again?

And just too many jersey’s to talk about…I will say this though...Charles Barkley…& speaking of the big man (on the

far right), check out this clip & have a real laugh.

Remember! Nothing improves your "swagger" or makes that nose press look more thug than a Chris Webber Golden State jersey!! - Mike

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