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Cycle Queen

Posted by Ben Crudo on

Here is one of 6 really sweet ladies leather motorcycle jackets. Snug fitting jackets are tough to come about! Match it up with a pair of just released SNAP FAIF MC shorts made from vintage Levi's jeans & vintage Harley Davidson bandanas. here's a little poem I was inspired by: "MOMENTS WITH A MOTORCYCLE GIRL" by: Katherine Vercillo (Party III of poem) Hands hidden in shadows Holding a steady grip on the seat A too-cute motorcycle betrays her reality Seeming so innocent in its fun Shiny paint, silly shape It pretends that you need no protection She poses there easily Stands in a swimsuit Assumes the position Pretends there is no threat here But she has studded boots meant for kicking And a simple lack of a smile That reminds the onlooker that There is always something to fear A menace exists in every room An accident is always waiting to happen Her innocent curves appeal But can kill at 60mph Destroying self and others She is pink and cute, metallic and hard Only the final crash is honest [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="rand"]

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