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FAIF Instagram Contest

Posted by Ben Crudo on

It is time to give away more free swag. You can thank our intern Alka for this one. He has been helping out around the warehouse for over a month now and it was his idea to get this photo contest going. Here is the details. We want to see pictures of your favorite vintage gear or sighting of people wearing vintage gear. Take pictures of yourself wearing your gear, pictures of your collections or pictures of random people you see decked out in sick get ups. We want to see high quality images. No blurry pictures taken in your closet. Get creative. Use models or photograph your gear in dope locations. You must post your photos on Instagram and give @fasinfrank and @fasinfrankqueen a shout out. Example above. If we like your photos we will re-post it and give you a shout out back. If we re-post your photo it means you are eligible to win. Every two weeks we will pick our favorite photo and the winner will receive $100 gift certificate toward the shops or the website. Now go take some photos---------------------

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