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We just wanted to drop a couple pics of an exclusive collection we have just acquired. Read more blow, We have just acquired the largest single collection of Vintage Logo Athletics snapbacks know to man. This collections comes from a former Logo Athletics reps that was working for the sports licensing company during their boom years in the early 90's.  He meticulously stashed away one or two of every hat that ever came his way. The picture here is the first box of 12 hats we opened and we have over 700 different unique hats to go through.  The beautiful thing about this collection is that is full of Shark Tooth and Splash hats, some we have never seen before. There is lots of limited playoff and super bowl snaps and so many unusual styles. So get ready for it. We will be dropping these hats on the site over the next few weeks. Keep checking the blog and the shop online page for updates and as always follow @fasinfrankmain for all the lo down on new producst, events and the whats good.


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