The Sports Specialties fakes revealed

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Yesterday we asked you if you could tell which one of these hats was the fake. 65 Percent of you got it right. The Bulls snapback is the imposter. There has been allot of these fakes popping up on the market lately especially on ebay. There is a few ways to tell the difference between the two. The easiest way is to examine the tag. The fake tag is sewn on both sides where as the real one is only sewn on one side. The real hat also has a licensing tag and the Pro tag.  The fake tag also does not tell you where its made? The heather is way nicer on the original, with a more inconsistent look. Once you have the hats in your hand there is really no comparison to quality. The fake Bulls hat is very thin and flimsy and the crown is not fully pronounced. If you look on the fake hat as well there is four lines of stitching on the sweat band where on the real hat there is only the normal two lines. Click here to check out the real Raiders Sports Specialties script snapback. If you have any question about fake snapbacks please email we are always happy to help. Don't buy fakes, its not a good look. Drew,


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