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Meet Alkhaly, the newest FAIF transplant. He is studying International Trade at Isaac De L'etoile in Paris, and has come to Canada to learn a thing or two about slanging vintage gear worldwide. Alkhaly will be interning with us for two months at the infamous FAIF warehouse where he will be doing everything from grading military surplus to soliciting foreign customers. Welcome to the Team! Six questions with Alkhaly..... Why did you want to intern for FAIF? Because I already wanted to do my internship in Vancouver, Canada and I have been a customer of FAIF for a long time. I have bought my snapbacks from here and I really wanted to work with a company that sells snapbacks and vintage clothing, I really like the look. Why did you pick Vancouver? FAIF, The fashion, the food, the diversity of the people, and there are pretty girls here. Whats your favorite snapback and garment from the FAIF archive? Penguin Script and Ewing deadstock Adidas crewneck. What is trending hard in France right now for vintage? There aren't many companies selling this kind of vintage. There are a few in Paris but most are selling more stylish vintage clothing. Snapbacks, Crewnecks and Denim jackets are very popular. I think if FAIF was in France it would be famous. There is one store called Snapster, they sell hats, starters and few other items. What do you hope to bring to the mix at Frank? I have to much ideas. I have some marketing ideas, events, and contests. I can speak french so I will be finding clients in France. I am already a customer so I know your clothes, style and vision. I have passion for vintage. Snapback VS Strapback? I dont know. I like both.


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