English Dan of Three Points Tattoo, Vancouver.

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Getting a new tattoo these days is like getting a new t-shirt. There is usually not much meaning behind them. That is not the case with Jessica's trunk up / trunk down combo. Jessica is our lead picker in Vancouver is dedicated as it gets to living the #RagLife. She digs deep on a daily basis and has put in the time to learn the ropes and know what it takes. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the vintage reference - "Made by the defunct New York textile company Davis and Catterall from the l920s–1970s, Elephant bandanas have been highly collectible in the Japanese vintage market for decades—not only for the beauty of their prints but also because of their significance in worker, cowboy, farmer and rebel culture. Collectors of Elephant bandanas note that the Elephant logo went from trunk down to trunk up during the ’50s to make the brand’s logo easily identifiable as an elephant when compared to the many other animal bandanas during that time period appearing on the market. "  Post on J. Crew website by  Jamie Sabuda
English Dan recently moved shops and is now Tattooing at Three Points Tattoo shop, 110-27 W Pender st, Vancouver, BC, consistently rated in the top Tattoo shops of the lower mainland.  Here is a few images of the trunk up / trunk down tattoo, a few shots of Dan's work and the shop. To book an appointment hit him up @englishdantattoos or call the shop.


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