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I have been selling vintage since 1999. I never really got into collecting because I was all about the dollar. Trends come and go, but some vintage pieces just appreciate over time. Below are some of my favorite vintage finds of all time.   1. Polo Snow Beach Jacket-   I really I was at a thrift store in New Jersey and a worker was wheeling a rack from out the back room. I saw the bright yellow sleeves and the USA Snow Beach patch on the arm, I ran so fast over the rack and grabbed it. I looked at the price and it said $14.99, I almost cried. The condition was great for being fairly old. A few weeks later, I sold for 2500 cash. POLO NEVER DIES!

2. Dapper Dan Gucci Jacket - Dapper Dan was a NYC cat who made these beautiful jackets for rappers and celebrities in the 80’s and early 90’s. I found one of the original Eric B. and Rakim “ Gucci” jackets at a thrift store in Yonkers. Best part was it was a sale day. It was the same jacket as the one below but didn’t have the names, it was probably made for a member of the crew. The jacket is now sold and framed, sitting in a collectors home in Los Angeles.eric-b-rakim 3. Vivan Westwood Sex Pistols Pillow Case Tshirt Vivan Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren opened the SEX SHOP in London in the 1970s. They used to print tees on all types of cotton including pillowcases. I got one of the Sex Pistols pillow case tees all stained up. A pure punk rock original. I couldn’t believe it. It was squashed in a bail shipment that I received from Central America. To the normal person, It was a rag, to me it was a museum piece! Years later I sold it to a private collector in Alex James, Publish Brand


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