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My mother tried taking me to Value Village when I was 13 and my reaction went something like "Ugh, why would I want other peoples clothes. I want to stay fresh". Fast forward to my first year in college, working, starting to pay bills, loans, and all that stuff. Money became scarce which found me shopping for clothes in the last place I thought I would be shopping for clothes when I was 13. Ever since then, thrift & vintage stores have been my top source in shopping even though I can afford brand new clothes now, I still choose to thrift.. for one reason only. Fashion moves forward. Sometimes it comes back around. Ones personal style might never change at all. My personal interests in clothing still resembles a lot of my interests when I was 13. The movies I watched, music, music videos, what my favourite sport stars were endorsing etc. Nobody wants Rocawear varsity jackets, Sean John sweatsuits and Tall Tee's anymore. Back then those items would've cost me (or my mom) a fortune, but now, they're sitting in second hand stores for the 10th of the price they originally were. In a way, the way I dress, makes me feel like a kid again. I shot at two abandoned homes that I found about a year ago. I figured since finding good vintage is like the saying "one mans trash is another mans treasure".. finding an abandoned home for me is like "one mans trash is this mans adventure". PEACE.
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