School Yard Days

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There are many different reasons why people enjoy vintage clothing.  It could be that they appreciate the styling or details. It could be that they enjoy the feeling of bygone eras. In the case of these amazing early 90s alternative rock t-shirts, they bring me back to my school yard days. I can remember huddling around a single deck tape player with my friends in one of our library reading cubicles listening to Nirvana Nevermind, over and over. When I first got involved with vintage clothing, 90s clothing was not even on peoples radar. Now some of the early grunge and alternative rock t-shirts are garnering much more than traditional 80s rock tshirts. We were lucky enough to pick all three of these shirts in about a one week span, this is unheard of. Enjoy! Drew Heifetz @drewheifetz Vintage 1990 Red Hot Chilli Peppers T-shirt
[youtube video_id="OhdDcIdS8Ao" width="640" height="360" ] Nirvana Sliver Vintage T-shirt 
[youtube video_id="QECJ9pCyhns" width="640" height="360" ] Blind Melon No Rain Vintage T-shirt (slammed in a van tour) 
[youtube video_id="qmVn6b7DdpA" width="640" height="360" ]


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