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Fashion is a cyclical beast. As the seasons change so does what we wear. It is very rare to see entirely original garments as inspiration is always taken from the past. "Breaking Down" is a column where we will dissect current lines to give you insight into the roots of the garments.
Supreme Riot Fish Tail Parka -
The Supreme SS 2014 line pulls its inspiration from many different time periods and sub cultures but its the Fish Tail Parka that I would like enlighten you on.
The Fish Tail Parka has been showing its face in fashion for the last few years. Many labels have been producing unique versions of the Military jacket including Burberry, Nike and APC. Supreme has taken it one step further and put its on spin on the desert night camo fishtail. The fishtail parka was originally created by the US government after World War 2 when they realized that their standard issue battle garments were not cutting it in the field. The parka was their solution to keeping the soldiers warmer and more comfortable. The jacket gets its name from the fishtail like cut out on the back, created to allow the soldier to tie the jacket around the upper leg to keep the wind out. It is meant to be warn over top of the uniform as a layering garment. desert-night-camo

The soldier on the left is wearing the desert night camo parka. 

The desert night camo pattern was not introduced until the golf war. It was created as a counter measure to night vision technology of the time. The fishtail parka and pants were produced in the desert night pattern and meant to be warn over top of the Chocolate-chip desert camouflage (aka - 6 colour camouflage).  This particular camo pattern was short lived. As night vision technology got better, it became very visible at night, causing the US Army to discontinue it.

The Supreme Fishtail Parka is a very close representation of the original military version with a few slight modifications.  I have yet to see this jacket in person but from first glance the only real differences are the addition of a full front zipper and the Riot patch on the back. On the original, the pockets are just slits, created like that so you could reach into the pocket of the layer underneath. Im sure that Supreme has tailored theirs with proper finished pockets. The two secondary colour ways of this jacket are also creations of Supreme. I am not sure if black was ever an army issue colour but I am certain that the black and white night camouflage version is an original. To view the full Supreme SS 2014


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