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The Junos are coming up this weekend and as part of the warm up,, is interviewing who to watch out for style wise. Shad was on the top of their list and when he was asked about his favorite shops, F as in Frank, was on the list. Much love! Read the interview below (content repost from
 What’s your favourite pair of shoes right now? I’m rocking my black Nike Frees a lot right now. I’m not in love with them, but they were free (excuse the pun) and they’re super comfortable. And I think they qualify as “normcore” which is a bonus. Was there a particular sweater that kept you warm all winter? I wore my maroon Manifesto sweatshirt all winter, and my black leather bomber from Roots. What would you like to wear to the Junos?I have a black suit. I might wear that if it still fits me, or perhaps something from 18 waits. Who inspired your style as a kid? I liked Grand Puba, Pharcyde, Common. They had the regular hip hop thing going with a little mature flavour to it – loose khakis with nice boots, cool rugby shirts and button-ups. Typically Tommy,Timberland, and Polo. Do you have friends who are into clothes? Are any of them designers or shop owners? Name them! Fischer Street Ka’kia clothing Legends League 18 Waits F as in Frank What’s your most unique, most favourite thing to wear? I’ve got some pretty cool 5-panel hats. One has an extra long hemp brim – it’s dark green with beige on the sides. That’s my favourite joint. 20off


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