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A snowboard film featuring the stories of riders who are inspiring for their environmentally sustainable initiatives and lifestyles.

The Little Things is a non-profit snowboard movie/documentary project based on environmentally-conscious riders who are inspirational through their riding, as well as their sustainable ways of living and thinking.

The film is an initiative taken on by professional snowboarder Marie-France Roy and directed by Filmmaker Darcy Turenne in which all the riders are bringing to life the importance of protecting and living in balance with our environment.

Riders include: Jeremy Jones, Gretchen Bleiler, Tamo Campos, Meghann O'Brien,  Marie-France Roy, Jonaven Moore, Mike Basich and many friends in the snowboard community. Chasing powder around the globe as professional athletes, we get to see the effects of climate change first hand. Inevitably, we are aware that we all have a considerable footprint associated with the way we live in today's society. Since it is a complex issue that can't be resolved overnight, people often feel helpless and wonder how they can really make a difference. We believe that instead of preaching or pointing the finger at what people are doing wrong, we should focus on all The Little Things that people are doing right depending on their own assets and situations. Those simple and positive actions eventually influence our family, our friends, our children and essentially our political leaders to make the major changes that we need on a bigger scale. This film is about riders who have adopted different lifestyles or have gone off the beaten path in order to promote change in their own unique and different ways. Not only is the whole Snow Sport industry at risk but most importantly the quality of life for all living species around the world since we all depend on our precious natural resources and a healthy-living environment. The goal of this movie is to use snowboarding and the stories of proactive athletes as a vector to inspire positive change. Through their stories, we hope to showcase what each of them are doing personally to help secure the same lifestyle and quality of life that we have for the future generations. #FAIF fully supports The Little Things movie and all that it stands for.
Click the link below to view their kickstarter campaign. You can grab one of these 5 panels if you kick in a few bucks. 


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