The Rag Machine X Save On Meats Launch New Clothing Token Program

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F as in Frank has partnered up with our long time friend Mark Brand of Save On Meats to bring you our new token program just in time for the holidays. Mark has had huge success with his sandwich token program for many years now and we are honoured to be able to compliment this program with our new clothing tokens. 
The concept is simple, purchase a token for $5 at Save On Meats or on their website. The token can then be given out to those in need and is redeemable for one free Lb. of clothing at The Rag Machine. Don't have anyone to give it to? No problem. We have a number of organizations in Vancouver that we are already working with including the Vancouver Police Department and the Portland Hotel Society and we can donate them o your behalf. 
This new program will provide warm clothing for people in need and will allow these people the opportunity to shop for the clothing themselves so that they can acquire an article of clothing that they really need and like such as a raincoat, warm jacket, hat and scarf etc...  
Go to to learn more and to purchase tokens. 


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